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About Dancity Properties

Dancity Properties (Dancity Limited) was incorporated in Ghana in 2009 under the companies code at the Registrar General Department.

Dancity Properties Ghana is one of the largest real estate investment and brokerage firms in Ghana. We are firmly positioned to deliver a cutting edge and competitive real estate solutions to our valued clients. We engage in real estate development, brokerage and management. We offer good and flexible payment plans on all our product and services. Our clientele includes corporate bodies, private individuals, co-operative societies, institutions and companies.

Dancity Properties is by far one of the largest independent property management and brokerage companies in the marketplace, providing the most sophisticated property solutions to all types of investors.

The strength of Dancity Properties stems from our over-riding commitment to work in partnership with our clients. It is what our clients expect and is undoubtedly the reason why Dancity Properties is the industry leader in real estate development, management and brokerage services.

Our proven track record will ensure you receive value for money in the services we provide. We at Dancity Properties handle all services with a very high level of professionalism as client satisfaction is our topmost priority and at no extra cost or hidden charges.


To provide leadership and guidance for the development of Ghana’s Housing system through:

  1. Effective policy formulation
  2. Market regulation
  3. Asset management and Service provision

Dancity Properties Objectives

  1. To buy, procure, receive, rent, rent out, hire-purchase, hold ownership, own, improve, use, and manage all types of assets and real estate as well as the profit of such assets.
  2. To carry on the business of Builders, Masons, and General Construction and Contractors and to carry on the business of the proprietors of lands, flats, dwelling houses, shops, offices, industrial estates, lessees of lands, flats, and other immoveable properties and for these purposes to purchase.
  3. Take on lease or otherwise acquire and hold any lands or buildings of any tenure or description wherever situated, or rights or interests therein or connected therewith, to prepare building sites, and to construct, reconstruct, pull down, renovate, develop, alter, improve, decorate and furnish and maintain flats, hotels, malls, educational institutes, hospitals, dwelling houses, shops, offices, buildings, industrial estates.
  4. Works and conveniences, and sell the same on ownership basis, installment basis or loose basis and rental basis and transfer such buildings to co-operative societies, limited companies, bodies corporate or association of persons or individuals as the case may be.
  5. To lay out roads and pleasure gardens and recreation grounds to plant, drain or otherwise improve the land or any part thereof.
  6. To promote, operate and manage various immoveable properties and other real estate assets, and to develop, acquire and invest, either directly or indirectly, in income producing immoveable properties in not limited to Ghana but other African countries.
  7. To also undertake development and maintenance of infrastructure projects in all areas of infrastructure including but not limited to facilities such as road, power, water and industrial infrastructure.

Our Core Values



We are honest, transparent, and trustworthy in all our activities and relationships.


We conduct ourselves with an uncompromising commitment to our clients and to each other.


We are dedicated, considerate, and responsive, always maintaining the highest standards of conduct, quality, and performance.


We create value for our clients by employing a flexible approach to each opportunity, taking calculated risks, and bringing together the resources necessary to successfully achieve their objectives.


We approach everything we do with energy, enthusiasm, and a sincere desire to exceed expectations.


We work together with an intense focus on common goals, recognizing we can always achieve more through collaboration.